Merango Sachin Tendulkar,

Meet “Marengo Sachin Tendulkar” a New species of Spider named after Indian Cricket Legend.

November 11, 2019

The greatest batsman in the history of cricket. The player who started playing cricket at the age of 11 made his cricket debut at the age of 16. Our Master Blaster Sachin has not left any coins unturned. 

From having a stadium after his name to being honored with Bharat Ratna, the highest civilian award of India, the honcho of the cricket played for nearly two and a half decades and ceased his benevolent cricket career in the year 2013 of November after his 200th Test Match at the Wankhede Stadium.

It was not about Sachin’s scores, It was more about the passion, love, endless determination towards cricket even when he was at the crowning point of his career.

There have been instances where many fans have adopted various ways to show their respect towards the Master Blaster, but Dhruv Prajapati, Junior Researcher, Gujarat Ecological & Research Foundation(GERF) had named a new species of spider after Tendulkar.

New species of spider IndoMarengo and Marengo genus belonging to Asian Jumping Spiders was discovered by Prajapati. Being a crazy big fan of the Indian Batsman, he named one of them after the name of Sachin. 

The species which is named has Marengo Sachin Tendulkar was discovered and found in Gujarat, Kerala and Tamil Nadu whereas the other species were found in Kerala and is named has Infomarengo Chavarapatera.

The species of Marengo Sachin Tendulkar was collected in 2015, but the research and identification got completed in 2017 wheres the species of other spider was collected by his colleague, said Prajapati.