Fantasy Cricket Team


December 6, 2019

Fantasy sports are becoming very popular nowadays. A large number of people are playing fantasy sports online because it is easy to use and one can play according to its convenience. Fantasy sports is a good platform for entertaining but besides this the best part of playing fantasy sports online you can earn a lot of money with a little investment.

Fantasy premier league is a virtual game where you get to choose your own team of 11 players and you can play a cricket match in real-time. Winning depends on how well you select 11 players and how they perform in real matches if your selected player performs best in real matches you get maximum points so it’s very important to create your team carefully. To win the match you need to score maximum points or higher score on the leaderboard.


(i) Planning is very important

The very first and most important step is proper planning. You need to make a proper strategy. Selecting the best 11 players will make you win the match this the first step is to list down your favorite players whose performance is good in current or previous matches. One thing should always keep in mind that while selecting players you should have control over your emotions towards your favorite players and select the players strategically as per their overall performance in the game.

Select 11 players according to the following key points will ensure winning

(ii) Research

It’s very important to have basic knowledge about the game. Proper research about the players will help you to make the perfect team and perfect team will result in to score maximum points and winning the match. Do proper complete research about the player’s current performance, past performance and overall about the players. Try to find additional information about the players through a larger number of cricket information websites available.

(iii) Time Factor

Time also plays a very important role. It’s very important to enhance your time while creating your team. You have a limit of 100 credit points so select players keeping in mind the credits available so that you don’t waste too much time in selecting players.

Get ready to play fantasy cricket and earn money