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Reasons why Bengal Warriors Won the Title

October 22, 2019

The 3-month long trip of this seventh season of Pro Kabaddi League, that had Kickstarter about the 20th of July, wrapped up on the 19th of October later Bengal Warriors demolished Dabang Delhi to acquire their names etched on the coveted PKL trophy for the very first time.

The extreme clash witnessed Delhi beginning well, however they finally ended up dropping the lead at the end of this first half. On the flip side, despite having their star player Maninder Singh, the Warriors made a solid comeback from the game to grab the lead.

The second half saw Delhi monitoring during as their defence amazingly made quite a couple of beginner errors. Mohammad Nabibakhsh, the Warriors’ Iranian all-rounder, that had been enjoying his debut season of the group, was the very remarkable player from their group.

K Prapanjan has increased his game recently, resulting in his selection at the Bengal Warriors. Bhuvneshwar Gaur, Rakesh Narwal, Ravindra Ramesh would be another raider that adds to the potency of this raiding department. The raiding department is the one to look out for, containing a perfect mix of experience and youth.

Bengal Warriors have purchased the Iranian celebrity Mohammad Esmaeil Nabibakhsh. In reality, he also becomes the very expensive foreign participant of Pro Kabaddi Season 7. With so many very good abilities, it’d be intriguing to see Mohammad Esmaeil in actions, which makes his debut at Pro Kabaddi Season 7.

The Bengal Warriors Management has signed a few nice and promising kids for their upcoming year. Young blaze would provide an advantage to the group from the championship due to their stubbornness, desire to win, and extra energy which may transpire to other people in the group too.

Captain Maninder Singh is seeking to the lender on the capacities of these youngsters and by directing them throughout the plan of the league, get the maximum from these. Bengal’s trainer BC Ramesh, who’s notorious for working well with the kids, might be expected to bring out the very best from the boys, which will help Bengal arrange their defence.

Moments such as these provide opportunities to kids to show their mettle and increase the prominence and with this at stake, an individual can expect the kids to give it their all in the aftermath of attaining success.