Signature Shot of Indian Cricketers

The iconic Signature shot of Cricketers | ProxyKhel

January 10, 2020

Cricket is one of those games which has constantly brought forth development and new innovative out of the box ideas. It has helped in the improvement of the game. Creating new shots to handle the bowlers has consistently been the key intention of the batsmen. The batsmen have and are concocting new shots that have helped them in creating and bettering their very own games. 

There have been numerous in line who had begun reexamining themselves and drew out their top shots with some inventive names. 

Check out these iconic shots of the iconic cricket players.

#6 Dilscoop – Tillakaratne Dilshan 


In his profession, Sri Lankan opener Tillakaratne Dilshan never attempted an imaginative shot like pulling the ball over the head yet the player made a furor once the ‘dilscoop’ appeared. Dilshan attempted this shot particularly in the T20 internationals yet has utilized it in the 50-over arrangement also. This shot appeared to be insane however it ended up being very compelling once it was played. 

#5 Lap Shot-AB de Villiers


ABD is famously been known as the 360-degree player. He can hit any sort of ball to any piece of the ground. A mix of customary shots and strange shots-this is the manner by which you characterize this man. Playing cricketing is intense however hitting a 145+ mph conveyance for a lap shot is certainly not an easy-breezy, and no one but ABD can do that. He did this with such beauty that in any event, cricketing greats would bow down before this incredible player. 

#4 Pull Shot-Ricky Ponting


Ponting, most likely perhaps the best commander in cricket history, had aced the specialty of pulling and snaring the ball. Anything over his abdomen territory would be dispatched over the mid-wicket region. He was a tasteful batsman and had different alluring shots like spread drive and on-drive, yet he was the best puller on the planet which is as it should be. His pull shots scarcely pushed him into difficulty since he played the shot without breaking a sweat. 

#3 Switch Hit-Kevin Pietersen 

Switch Hit

Despite the fact that numerous veteran cricketers reprimanded the shot offered from Kevin Pietersen, his ‘switch-hit’ went down well with the more youthful part. The greater part of the more youthful ages considered it a ‘path forward’ though the ex-cricketers considered it an interruption to the bowlers. It was a shot that ends up being very viable against the spinners. The new age has adjusted to this shot very well and is every now and again observed utilizing this shot to great impact. 

#2 Straight Drive-Sachin Tendulkar

Straight Drive

One can watch Sachin’s straight drive for a hundred times and request more. That was the excellence of the ace’s contradictory stature. It wouldn’t make any difference to him which bowler of the world was bowling to him. In a small amount of second, the ball would be seen running towards the fence. Indeed, even his upper-cut, cover drives were brilliant yet the straight drive was unique and a treat to watch. 

#1 Helicopter Shot -MS Dhoni

Helicopter Shot

Here in India as well as globally too, MS Dhoni’s ‘helicopter shot’ prevailed upon numerous fans because of its extraordinary style of hitting the ball. Particularly the bowlers at the demise dreaded MSD a ton since the previous realized that the then-Indian captain would jump-start them out of the recreation center. He has built up this one of a kind method for uncovering the yorkers and sending the balls over the limit lines.