Top 8 Heartwarming acts by Indian cricketers that won everyone’s hearts.

Top 8 Heartwarming acts by Indian cricketers that won everyone’s hearts.

November 25, 2019

1) Dhoni giving a stretch to Du Plessis.

We all are crazy for cricket matches. In between the cut-throat competition, there are certain acts of kindness that won everyone’s heart. 

It was in the year 2015, South Africa was touring in India for 3 T20I, 5 ODIs and 4 test matches. It was the 5th ODI. Du Plessis and De Cock were having a great partnership. DeCock scored 109 runs and Du Plessis was batting after a century. Suddenly he had a cramp and was in pain which affected his movements on the pitch. At that time, Dhoni observed this and couldn’t resist himself to help him by giving him a stretch.


2) Harmanpreet helping a young girl who fell ill.

It was India vs Pakistan match, India was already dominating Pakistan with 2 wins out of three games. It was the last match of T20I. When the match was about to begin, a girl accompanying the players for the national anthem fell ill. Harmanpreet was holding her throughout the national anthem and once it got over she handed the girl to one of the volunteers.

3)Virat’s kindness towards Steve Smith

It’s kinda different sensation and emotion when you are watching a live match in the stadium. The crowd is always highly enthusiastic. Fans often try to abuse the opposition team to weaken their spirit. In June 2019, India was playing against Australia and the spectators were booing Steve Smith with ‘cheater’ jibe but Virat Kohli insisted all the players to not boo him and instead encourage him in the game.

Virat's act of Kindness

4) Anil Kumble’s uninterrupted game.

We all know about the qualities of Anil Kumble. The way he conducts himself on and off the ground is very pleasurable for eyes and heart. One of the incidents is when Kumble was badly hit on his mouth by Mervyn Dillon during India vs West Indies tour, 2002.

Anil Kumble continued to bat despite struggling with so much pain that he was literally spitting blood on the ground. Later, it was found out, his jaw is completely fractured. After which he was ruled out for the rest of the series. 
Anil Kumble 2002

5) MSD’s selfie with Old Lady.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni has always been kind to his fans. He has millions of fans but he makes sure to do everything to bring a smile on everyone’s face. It was IPL season, an aged fan was waiting patiently for a selfie with Dhoni along with her granddaughter. Dhoni saw her and made his way to meet the old lady from the team dressing room. He clicked a selfie and also signed a jersey for them to carry home as a memento.

Selfie with Dhoni

6) Sachin dressed up as Santa Claus to surprise underprivileged children.

Former Indian Cricketer, Sachin Tendulkar who is also referred to as the ‘God’ of Cricket, is also known for his social work. In Christmas of 2018, he decided to celebrate the festival in his own way by giving joy to others. He dressed up as Santa Claus and visited Ashray Child Care Centre where he spent his time with the underprivileged children by playing games and giving them gifts.

Sachin as Santa Claus

7) Virat’s Bow toward the God of Cricket.

In 2016, India was batting against Pakistan. After completing the match with a half-century, the Bowed down to Sachin Tendulkar who was with his wife and Amitabh Bachchan in the stadium as a form of respect. This gesture of Virat melted everyone’s heart.