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My Registration and Verification

What is Proxy Khel?

Proxy Khel is the best online fantasy sports website where you get to play your favorite sport by creating your own team and win money. You can compete against other players in your fantasy games and win huge cash prizes. Its real money you can win by selecting your team from the live matches.

How to sign up for Proxy Khel?

To sign up, all you need to do is to go to the registration page, enter your email ID and choose your password to register. Alternatively, you can skip this hassle by logging in with your Facebook or Gmail ID.

It’s not allowing me to login. What’s the problem?

First of all, check if you have entered the correct credentials or if your caps lock is on. It can even be that you have forgotten your password, but there is nothing to worry. Click on the “Forgot Password” button and enter the email id you registered with. You will receive a mail containing a link for password change. If you have also forgotten the email id, just click on contact us at the bottom of the page and we will be happy to help.

How shall I change my password?

Once you are logged in, click on profile, and at the bottom of the page you will have an option, “Edit Password.” You need to enter your old password and then select the new password. Your password will be updated instantly.

Can I edit my email/mobile no?

Sorry! The email id and the mobile no you registered with cannot be changed.

How many user accounts can I create with my email id and mobile no?

You can only create one account with your email id and mobile no on Proxy Khel. According to the Fairplay guidelines, creating multiple account for an individual is not allowed.

Why have I not received any confirmation email after Sign Up?

Please make sure you have used the correct email id. If you are sure that the email id was correct, just check your spam folder because in some scenarios the mail lands at the spam folder. In order to receive the mails normally, please add us in your contact list.

I don’t have much knowledge about football/cricket. Can I play?

The guidelines at Proxy Khel is super easy to follow and you can easily play if you check our ‘How to Play’ section.

How to deactivate my Proxy Khel account?

You can go to your profile and click on the more option, click on contact us button and we will be helping you with the deactivation.

Do I need to verify my information to participate in a contest?

No, you don’t. You can join a contest and can also earn cash prizes. Your earnings will be accumulated in your Proxy Khel wallet. However, in order to withdraw the money earned, you need to verify the information.

How to get my account verified on Proxy Khel?

Once your register with your email id and mobile number, they get verified. There is a second step of verification that is needed to withdraw cash. You have to verify your ‘KYC’ with Proxy Khel as money transaction is involved. Select ‘KYC’ verification from the list and you will be asked to submit your PAN card and Aadhar card number and upload images of the same. Make sure to submit your correct date of birth on the form and submit an image where the details can be clearly seen.

Is the PAN card mandatory on Proxy Khel?

The PAN card is not mandatory on Proxy Khel if your earning is less than Rs. 10,000. If you earnings exceed that amount for a cash prize content, the PAN card becomes mandatory.

Do I need to provide my bank details?

It is not mandatory to provide your bank details if your AADHAR/PAN no is verified. You always have the option to withdraw money through PAYTM.

How to play

How do I play on Proxy Khel?

In order to play on Proxy Khel, you need to register with us. You can choose your sport and start playing. If you choose cricket for example, select the match you want to participate in and then select your team of 11 players. You can select from the 7 different categories: These 11 players can be selected from a total of 30 players in two teams that are about to play. However, you cannot choose more than 7 players from any single team. Choose your super five intelligently as this will make you earn bonus points. You will be assigned with 100 credits to choose your 11-player team. Every player is assigned with certain amount of credit and you can make your selection keeping the credit balance in mind.

Once you have chosen your team, you can participate in the 3 forms of game.

In case of H to H game, the winning is 50%, which means one person will lose and the other will win. In case of Mega, the winning varies between 30% to 70%. You can create your partial contest and the win in that case is 100%, this means each of the participating player will win something.

What if my chosen player does not play the game?

If you have chosen a player who does not make it to final 11 of the actual match, he will not be earning any points for you.

Can I edit my team once I have made my selection?

You can edit your team until it’s just one hour remaining in the game. So, if the game is about to start at 2:00 p.m., you can edit your team till 1:00 p.m.

When does the Proxy Khel fantasy game start?

The fantasy games start at the actual time of the live game. So, if a match starts at 3:00 p.m., your fantasy game will also start at 3:00 p.m. Once you click on the let’s play button, you will be able to see the number of matches that are live, upcoming or expired and the countdown will also be visible.

How many players I can choose from one side?

You can choose a maximum of 7 players from one side. The other 4 has to be chosen from the opponent.

How do I manage my budget? Can I get extra credit to select players?

For every team you choose, you are given a budget of 100 credits which is unchangeable. You have to use your expertise on the game to fit the 11 players in the given budget of 100 credits. If you have spent your 100 credits before your team completion, you will have to smartly decide the combination and select within the budget of 100.

What number of changes are allowed in the team?

You can change as many players in your team as you want before the 1 hour window. The change will be reflected instantly.

Can I edit the team players during a match?

Once the match starts, you will not be able to edit your team.

Can I check my team and rank during the game?

You can always check your team by clicking on ‘My Team’ option. You can instantly see your rank by clicking on the game you have participated in.

Can I create multiple teams for a match?

There are certain cash prize games for which you can create multiple teams. These contests will come with a symbol, ‘M’. you can create a maximum of 6 teams with different combination of players. It is up to you to choose which team you are going to choose for a particular contest.

If there are multiple teams, can I choose the team that will play for a particular contest?

Yes, definitely! If you have created multiple teams, it is up to you to choose which team you are going to choose for a particular contest. Select the fixture for which you have created more than one team and then join the contest by choosing the team that you consider to be best.

My Wallet

How to add money to my wallet?

Click on the picture icon on the top right corner of the screen and choose my wallet. Click on ‘Add Money’ option on the top. Choose the payment option and follow the steps to add money to your wallet.

If I want to withdraw money to my bank account, what details are mandatory?

To make sure that you get your money to the right account, you need to submit the name of the account holder, name of the bank, the branch, IFSC code of the branch and your account number.

How to withdraw money from my Proxy Khel account?

Click on the picture icon on the top right corner of the screen and choose my wallet. Click on ‘Withdraw Money’ option on the top. Choose the amount and click on withdraw money. Follow the step to withdraw money to either your bank account or PAYTM. This can only be done if your account is verified. The time required for the amount to reflect in your bank account is 5 working days.

When can I withdraw money from my wallet?

You can withdraw money from your wallet once your balance reaches to Rs. 250. However, if you have made a deposit of less than Rs. 50, you will not be able to withdraw even if you have a large balance. You need to deposit the remaining balance from Rs. 50 and then withdraw the amount.

What is the maximum and minimum withdrawal limit?

The minimum withdrawal amount is Rs. 250 and maximum is Rs. 10,000 on one go.

Can I withdraw the bonus amount from my Proxy Khel Wallet?

You cannot withdraw the bonus amount from your wallet. However, you can use a part of the amount to join a cash prize contest. Whatever amount you win from that contest, you are free to withdraw.

What is the expiry date of the bonus amount?

The bonus amount you accumulate from your wins has to be used within 90 days. After the period of 90 days, this amount will expire.

Why cannot I withdraw cash to my PAYTM account?

There can be several reasons for the failure. There are certain conditions in which your PAYTM transaction will not come through.

Is it possible to change my PAYTM number?

It is not possible to change your PAYTM number once you have enrolled.

Will there be any notification for my transactions?

All your transactions are recorded by Proxy Khel. You can anytime visit your wallet and click on ‘All Transactions” and check the transactions you have made.

I am not being able to add money to my account?

Make sure your bank allows the transaction you are about to do. If you are getting an error message while adding money, contact your bank to authorize the transaction. You can also contact us by clicking on the ‘Contact Us’ link and we will be happy to help you.

I just added some money in my wallet but it is not reflecting?

Relax, there is nothing to worry. If your transaction is successful, it can take around 5-10 minutes to reflect the transaction.

What is the bonus amount and how can I earn it?

Bonus amount is awarded when you deposit cash or invite a friend to the Proxy Khel website.

My balance is not right. What to do?

If you feel that your balance is not correct, you can check your transaction or simply contact us to solve the problem.


How do I participate in contests?

In order to participate in a contest, you need to create a team from the 30 players that are selected for the particular match. There are three types of contests you can participate in, namely H to H, Mega and Partial. You will be able to see the cash prize contests available under all three heads. You can also create a contest and let other people participate. Just join the contest of your choice paying the entry fee for the same.

How much bonus amount I can use to join a contest?

The contest that you participate in shows a % of bonus that can be used. So, if the entry fee for the contest is Rs. 100 and 20% bonus is allowed, Rs. 80 will be deducted from your account balance and Rs. 20 from the bonus amount. The percentage of bonus to be used is contest specific.

What are the contests I can join?

You can join any upcoming contest or contests that are live if you already have a team. You can join as many contests as you want by paying the entrée fee. How many winners are declared in any cash contest and how much they win? Once you select a contest to join, you can check the prize breakdown and the percentage winning. For H to H contest only 1 person is going to win while in the Mega contest 30 to 70 percent games will win prize money. The breakdown can be seen clicking on the contest details. In case of the partial contests, each and every participating player win some cash prize.

What if there is a tie between players in a particular contest?

In case there is a tie between two or more players in a contest for one position, then the price money of the same position and the position followed next and so forth and then divided between the players. For example, if there is a tie between two people for the third position, the price money of the third and fourth position will be added and divided by 2. So, if the prize for the 3rd position was Rs. 2000 and the fourth was Rs. 1000, each will receive Rs. 1500. If there is a tie between three people, the money for the third, forth and the fifth position will be added and divided by three.

What will be the outcome if a match is abandoned?

With Proxy Khel, you are participating in a virtual game of cricket/football/kabbadi/hockey. Consider a cricket match you have joined it got cancelled without a ball bowled or after certain overs. If the match is cancelled due to any issue, the entry fee will be refunded to the player. If the result for the match is derived through Duckworth Lewis method, the contest will also have its result. However, if a match gets cancelled without any result, the money will be refunded to the players.

What happens if it is a test match and the teams draw?

In case of a test match, the match will be considered complete if at least one innings of the four, possible innings is complete. If no innings is completed in the five days, the match will be considered cancelled and the money will be refunded. One innings is complete when the batting team declares the innings or all wickets are picked up by the bowling team.

What if there is a shortage in the number of participants to fill up a contest?

If the contest is unconfirmed and it does not get the minimum number of contestants, the contest will become invalid. In that case, the money will be refunded back to your wallet.

How many entries I can have in a single contest?

There are both single entry and multiple entry contests available. So, if you are choosing a single-entry contest, you can just make one entry and if it is a multiple entry one, then select as many entries as you want.

Can I join a game in advance?

Yes! Earlier is always better. If you can see an upcoming game on the board, you can decide your team and join the contests in advance.

Can I join the contest if the series is already started?

You can join the contest anytime till it is closed and can win a lot of prize money.

Why I need to pay the entry fee?

The cash prize awarded to the player comes from the pool of cash coming from the collective entry fee of all the players. We also want you to get the best of experience while playing your fantasy sports on Proxy Khel. The money is used to develop and maintain the facility as well.

Edit profile

Can I change my email id?

Once you register with your email id, you cannot change it. However, if needed, we can block your live account and you can create another account with your new id.

Can I change my phone number?

You cannot change the phone number in your account.

Can I Change my PAYTM number?

No, once registered, you cannot change your PAYTM number.

Point system and winning distribution

Point and Score

How is the point calculated?

The point that you accumulate for your team is based in the live match that is being played. You can check out point system in the how to play section to check the scoring system in details.

How long does it take for the score to get updated?

The score is updated as per the live match and almost immediately. We update the points every few minutes of the game. So, if you are not able to see your increased point, just check five minutes later, your points will be updated. However, the cash prize winners are declared once the final point verification is done.

What is your source for the score?

We use trusted platforms for the score update and update your points accordingly as well.

I updated the team before the match started. Why isn’t it showing my points?

Great that you have already updated the team. The points will be displayed once the live match starts.

Will you give me extra points if my player is selected as the Man of the Match?

No, there is no extra point for Man of the Match.

The game has gone into super over. Will my team score points for the same?

Sorry! We don’t count the super over in our point system.

What if both the user score same points?

In that case the winning amount will be divided between the two. However, if it is a H to H match, the entry fee is refunded to the user account.

If my player is sent off by the umpire for wrong behavior, will his points be counted?

In that case points of the player will be counter till the time he was sent back.

How long does it take to announce the winner and distribute the prize?

Once the match is finished, the points are calculated for each of the players and the winning amount is distributed between the valid winners. This whole process may take up to 2 hours. This is to ensure that the counting is absolutely correct and the players get the right amount.

Will my account balance and account expire?

Your account and account balance will never expire considering you keep on playing. The account will expire and will be considered as invalid if the user does not operate in 5 consecutive years.


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