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Proxy Khel is one of India’s biggest fantasy sports platform where an individual can earn money with his favorite sports. At Proxy Khel, you become more than a spectator when a live match is on. You participate in it and play with your favorite players and stand a chance to win cash prize daily

At Proxy Khel, your knowledge about sports really make a sense and even if you don’t have knowledge, it is easy to learn and grow. Don’t just watch the game, be a part of it and make your team of 11 to climb to the highest peak of victory.

Join A Contest

In order to join a contest, you need to select the match for which you have already created a team. You can join three types of contests:

In case of H to H game, the winning is 50%, which means one person will lose and the other will win. In case of Mega, the winning varies between 30% to 70%. You can create your partial contest and the win in that case is 100%, this means each of the participating player will win something.

You can join as many contests as you want.

The score for your fantasy game will be updated live as the match progresses. Proxy Khel makes sure that you get an update on score on time and the points of your players get updated every few minutes.

Choose A Match

Select a match from the platter of matches that are ongoing or about to come. You can always book your seat early or start in between a tournament. Once you select your match, click on ‘Create Team’ button.

Create My Team

You can create your team by choosing 11 members from the 30 players chosen by both teams for the match. There will be 100 credits allotted to you for every match and each player has his own credit assigned. Choose players carefully to make the count 100 or less. Make sure not to choose more than 7 players from one team.

You get to choose your player from the following categories.

You have to choose one from the first six categories and for the super five, you can choose Batsman, Bowler and All-rounders. The same applies for the X-Player and Star Player. This means, the X-Player and Star player can be a bowler, batsman or an all-rounder. Be tricky when you choose your super five as they are going to get you those crucial bonus points.

You can sort the players according to team and credit score. You can always check the information about the player. Create multiple teams

There are several contests where you are allowed to participate with multiple teams. You can create up to 4 teams for each match and choose to participate in a contest with any of those teams. Click on ‘Create team’ and create your next team. The teams will be displayed by their numbers.

Submit My Team

You need to submit your team before the match starts. There is a deadline of 10 minute before the match schedule by which you need to submit your team.

Manage My Team

You can always check the teams you have created for the match and can change any member at any point of time before the match schedule deadline. Just click on ‘Edit Team’ and change your team as per your preference.

Points System

Some important points to remember:

Withdraw Your Winning

Once the game is over, you can track your score and check your rank. The money you win will reflect in your account and you are good to withdraw.

Manage My Account

You can access your profile by clicking on the image icon at the top right corner of the home page. Check your balance, deposit money or withdraw money when you have balance.

The minimum amount to withdraw is Rs. 250 and the maximum is Rs. 10,000.


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click on home button in url to install app
click on home button in url to install app
click on home button in url to install app
click on home button in url to install app
Open in your mobile with Chrome, Safari or Firefox and install directly from home screen
Open in your mobile with Chrome, Safari or Firefox and install directly from home screen