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Privacy Policy

Last updated: 1st April 2019

Proxy Khel Private Limited operates the portal in India, which offers cricket, and other online fantasy sports games through the web-portal of which only cricket is currently available. It hasits Faceboo associates and partner website(s) and mobile application(s) (collectively referred to as the “Portal”) (Proxy Khel Private Limited referred to herein as “Proxy Khel” or “we” or “us” “our”).

The Privacy Policy herein binds anyone utilizing the portal, its services and participating in contests mentioned here as User” or “you” or “your”. This includes participating in amusing activities, contests and promotions. Proxy Khel in a view to offer a safe and private platform to the users has strict Privacy Policy that is applicable for all users, associates and partners of Proxy Khel and all members irrespective of role and position. The company respects the privacy of its user and is dedicated towards providing a holisting internet experience that is enriching in certain manner. Please read the ‘About Us’ section on the website to know what we do and what actually builds Proxy Khel. Most of the facilities on Proxy Khel are offered for free but there are some facilities that has a price tag and user needs to pay the amount in order to access the facilities. These facilities will include but not limit to participation in a given contest, or promotion or responding to certain offers as presented by Proxy Khel from time to time. However, it is on the discretion of the user to avail any paid services offered on Proxy Khel.

The User information is collected by Proxy Khel at the time of registration and also during the navigation of user on the website. Please read the privacy policy in detail before you submit any information on the portal. The user consents to the collection, use, disclosure and transfer of personal information for the purposes mentioned in this Privacy Policy and to the collection, processing and maintenance of this information by using any part of the Portal. If you find this Privacy Policy unsuitable and you don’t agree, please do not use the Portal.

While there are certain information that are optional and user may choose not to provide them please note that you may not be able to use the full service advantages provided by Proxy Khel and the company reserves all right to not provide the user any right on using the services offer.

Purpose and Usage:

To avail certain Gaming and Amusement facilities on the Portal, Users would be required to provide certain information for the registration process namely:

1. Username

2. Password

3. Email address

4. Date of birth

In order to make sure that you can available all services provided by Proxy Khel and you can withdraw your winning from the account maintained with us, you may require to provide additional personal details including your Permanent Account Number. This can be required to verify your identity and transfer your account.

In the course of providing private contest or in the process of sharing the gaming experience, the user may invite other users in a game or may invite people from Facebook, through email id, and other social media platform to participate in a contest or any other amusement facility of Proxy Khel. Once the user has invited another person who is not already registered with Proxy Khel, it will imply that the user has given consent to Proxy Khel for using the Facebook user id or email id of the invited user to send communication related to the contest that person was invited to and user also consents that Proxy Khel can invite that person for joining Proxy Khel. However, the participation of the invited user will be subject to the prevailing terms and conditions mentioned in the terms and conditions sectors of the website. User hereby represents the consent of the invited user to share the above-mentioned information.

The information you provide to Proxy Khel are specific but not limited to a contest/amusement facility on the portal. The information provided by you will be used for the contest or the service itself and can also be used to improve the service of Proxy Khel for a better experience for everyone. Proxy Khel shall also have the right to share the information provided by the user with the third party associates, partners and facility providers in certain cases in order to improve the gaming experience, maintaining security, preventing fraud and imminent harm, security of network and service and to comply to the legal process. All required information is specific and based on the kind of Game/ Amusement Facility the User wishes to participate in or access, and will be utilized for the purpose of providing services, including but not limited to the Amusement Facility, requested by the User.


The information you provide to Proxy Khel can be shared for the purpose of data analysis, storage, improving the service and help the platform to serve the users better with user friendly services. In case, Proxy Khel may share information as provided by you that may reveal the identify and that is not otherwise publicly available, Proxy Khel will notify you through email before carrying out the process. You hold the right to withhold and withdraw your consent for your useable information except for the purposes mentioned above.

By using the Portal, the user agrees to grant permission to Proxy Khel towards collection, use and storage of data by Proxy Khel and its Affiliates. In case of sale of Proxy Khel, either fully or partially or transferring business asset, the user data can be considered as one of the business asset and that can be transferred to the associate who purchases. The user grants permission to Proxy Khel to transfer such data completely to any such third party business associates. In case of any legal process, governmental requires or any measure to protect the right and interests of Proxy Khel, Proxy Khel reserves the complete right to share personal information of the user.

Use of Cookies:

To make sure you have better usability and the services are effective for the users, we use cookies or any such similar electronic tool in order to collect information of the visitors and assign an unique identification no to the visitor which is also known as USER ID to understand the personal interest that are unique to the user in question. Unless the user verifies himself/herself there is no way Proxy Khel can know the identity of the user. The information that the cookie contain is solely the information supplied by the user. However, it cannot fetch information from the hard drive of the user. The user agrees to acknowledge that the advertisers and affiliates of Proxy Khel may also assign their own cookies to the user in case user clicks on a banner and that is not under control of Proxy Khel.

Proxy Khel's web servers automatically collect limited information from user’s network connection through which user accesses Proxy Khel server. This contains the IP address of the user which is the number assigned to the computers attached to the network user is connected to but this does not provide any personal details of the user. This lets the server know where to send data to the user. Proxy Khel uses this information to deliver the web pages to the user according to the interest of the user also gets a record of the geographical location of the traffic generation. It also lets the advertisers know the geographic location of the visitor to deliver ads accordingly.


Proxy Khelmay also contain links to other websites. These websites are bound by their own privacy policy which is not under any control of Proxy Khel. Once a user clicks on any of the link and leaves the server of Proxy Khel, the user is in the domain or other website and Proxy Khel has nothing to do with the terms and conditions and Privacy Policy of that portal. The information provided by user in that case will be guided by the privacy policy of that website and it can also be quite different. User agrees to contact that given website if they don’t find any privacy policy mentioned. Proxy Khel is no way responsible for any privacy practice carried out by such website.

Security Procedures:

Information gathered by Proxy Khel will be stored securely in the database controlled by Proxy Khel. The database will be secured by a firewall and the servers will be password protected to make sure that the user data is completely safe and limited strictly based on need-to-know basis. However, nothing over the internet is completely impenetrable and no matter how secured our server is we cannot guarantee no interception at the time of transmitting the data through internet. So, we don’t guarantee security of the datable or not give any guarantee that your information will not be intercepted by any third party. Any information you submit in the discussion area will be available to all having an internet connection. By agreeing to the privacy policy you consent to understand that your information may be transmitted to other countries apart from India. Saying so, we also try our best to make sure that no leakage is there from our end.

Proxy Khel also understand the ever-changing nature of Internet and thus the security and database firewall may change with different requisite from time to time. We hereby take responsibility to update the privacy policy from time based on the changing nature of internet usage without notifying the user. The information we gather from you will be guided by the privacy policy of the given time and will be the same irrespective of the change in the Privacy Policy of the current time. You will always find a changed Privacy Policy on this page of Proxy Khelso that you get to know what information is collected, stored, disclosed and used under certain circumstances.


Proxy Khel will be connected to several advertisers from time to time which is not mandatory but optional for users to vist. However, when proxy Khel provides information to its advertisers it is mostly an aggregate form of statistics but not personal information of the user to make the experience of the user better on the site so that better offers can be provided and value of advertisement can be understood well. We may also contact the users from time to time in order to update the content on the website so that we can provide features in order to benefit you.

There may be deceptive websites, emails containing our logo to mislead the users. We hereby declare that this is the only website that Proxy Khel operates and if we introduce some other portal that goes hand in hand with Proxy Khel we will notify the user. There can be fraud calls, emails asking users for their username and password or stating they have won cash prizes. You can only win cash prizes from participating in contests on Proxy Khel portal and from promotions as and when they are available. Please do not share your information with unsolicited sources as Proxy Khel will not be responsible for your loss or damage in property or cash prizes on Proxy Khel due to that. There may be calls or emails to ask you participate in illegal methods to win prize and if you do the same it will be bound by the regulations of Terms and Conditions mentioned on Proxy Khel.

Conditions of Use:


Retention of Data:

Your information provided by you will be kept with us until we are not liable to store your information guided by law, regulations, contractual obligations or legitimate business purposes and until there is any relevant purpose left guided by the privacy policy. We will retail your information till the time there is any scope of legal bounding with Proxy Khel.

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction:

By visiting this Portal, you agree that the laws of the Republic of India without regard to its conflict of laws principles, govern this Privacy Policy and any dispute arising in respect hereof shall be subject to and governed by the dispute resolution process set out in the Terms and Conditions.

Updating Information:

You need to inform Proxy Khelimmediately if there are any changes, updates or modifications to your information. Further, you may also review, update or modify your information and user preferences by logging into your Profile page on the Portal.

Contact Us:

In case, you have any feedback, concern, complaint or comment on the Privacy Policy, feel free to male us or by normal/physical mail addressed to:

Proxy Khel Team

Proxy Khel Private Limited,
B/203 navkar tower, Naigaon east,
Mumbai 401208
Maharashtra, India.


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